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Powdered Face /Body Mask

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Experience a day at the spa from the comfort of your own home.  Our powdered Face and Body Mask use the finest natural lava clay with natural additives to enhance your skin! Great for All Skin Types. Wanna get dirty?

Our powdered Face and Body Mask puts you in control of consistency. We recommend a 1:1 ratio of the powdered mask to your activator of choice. Suggested Activator: Witch Hazel (available for purchase individually) 

Directions: Measure out the amount of powdered mask, combine with an activator (Witch Hazel, Rose Water, etc. - 1:1 suggested ratio dilution), stir, and apply to skin. Allow to dry and rinse skin well.

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay, and or additives of choice: Calendula Powder Extract, Matcha Tea Powder, Activated Charcoal.


Disclaimer: Our products are not evaluated by the FDA, nor do they claim to heal any skin ailment.  Please consult a doctor before using our products with any skin disorder.